Alcohol And Business Don’t Mix

Spending money on alcohol is one of the main reasons behind someone’s bad financial state. Instead drinking your hard earned money you may look to invest them online. There is a software to help you turn your salary into profit called HB Swiss proven its’ efficiency.

Alcohol Consumption:

Alcohol alters the state of the mind and renders your body unable to follow your mental commands. With the hustle bustle of current world, stress is the cause for most of the addiction issues and health issues. While most people drink recreationally, all things, when a limit is crossed, become addictive.

Alcohol – A Booster:

Alcohol, ideally, is consumed socially. When friends gather for a night out. When there’s a wedding and everyone is in a celebratory mood. When you just want to wind down from a stressful day with a hot shower and chilled wine or beer. That being said, it isn’t like alcohol is something that is consumed socially or as a de-stresser. More often than not, people tend to go overboard, do something mightily silly when drunk and regret it the next morning.

Again, while all this is fun to think about, there are some lasting effects of the regular, and excessive, consumption of alcohol:

  • Loss of productivity at work
  • Alcohol poisoning (which can be fatal)
  • Hypertension, increased risk of heart failure and stroke
  • Liver disease
  • Brain damage, often permanent


If you’re a regular drinker, then there are times when you can tell yourself to stop, and not drink for a time. However, you know you’ve crossed over from social drinker to alcoholic when the following things happen:

  • You find yourself drinking, too much, on a daily basis
  • You’ve lost the ability to be fully functional without it
  • You seem to crave it at all times, irrespective of where you are

In this case, you know you’ve become an alcoholic and are probably abusing alcohol, and you need an intervention to help you get over these symptoms.

Side effect of Alcohol Abuse:

In the recent past, the term substance abuse has gained a lot of traction since people have become more aware of dependence on things like drugs and alcohol to sustain themselves. While it might seem a bit far-fetched, if your body is subject to sustained drinking and sustained strain on the liver (while processing alcohol) you are abusing alcohol and it has to stop. The side effects range from lack of functionality in everyday life to memory blackouts and personality changes.

How does Alcohol abuse Affect Your Business/Financial Life?

Let’s take an extrapolation of the facts – you drink, constantly, and you are wondering why you’re not making money, and that’s only furthering the habit rather than stopping it. When you are under the influence, you cannot make the right decisions – this will mean that your job and productivity is suffering, your relationship with your peers and superiors is suffering, you’ve lost the will to succeed. This all can only mean one thing – a complete stoppage in any progress in your own business ( if you have one) or your job.

It’s easy to say “drink responsibly” as a catch all solution, but, the ideal thing to do is to get much needed help and be fully involved in the process of recovery from alcoholism. Reverting is simply not an option!

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