Forex Trading Bots – A Reality Check 

Forex Trading Robots are software programs which are designed to read the forex trading signals and automatically identify those stocks and shares that fetch profit and loss at a given time. This is a software that helps traders decide whether to buy or sell any stocks/ shares at any given time.  

Software and trading experts design these bots, and they fetch a lot of money to their developers when people start investing in their concern. The developers claim that these computer programs can identify the best stocks to invest in at any given point, and therefore even people with zero to little experience in trading can benefit from them, because it is all automated and requires no effort from the customers other than their initial investment/ or registration amount. 

The forex bot is thus a program based on a trading strategy developed by expert investors and software programmers/ coders. How useful are these is matter of debate in many public forums. Some claim success and excellent results, while there are many who argue that they are excellent means of making money for the developers and not anyone from the gullible general public who have invested in them.  

There are those that argue that investing in such an automated trading software overlooking your instincts can not only make you lose money but also make you gullible to hackers and phishing sites, who can eventually access and maybe misuse your accounts and personal and financial information. 

How to use an auto-forex bot? 

The latest forex bot caught in controversy, is the Q profit system, scam or not, you can decide after reading our reviews. For a detailed review, please visit 

This system claims to help those who are new to trading, and lack sufficient knowledge in this area. It is an online system where the algorithm is designed by experts in trading and computer programming, who have understood the various nuances of forex trading.  

This is a trading software which has a simple-to-use user interface. It requires an initial deposit to initiate trading on your behalf. It works online and does not require any download. Before you invest money in such trading bots, it is good to read reviews, gather real information regarding the veracity of the claims made by such companies. It is important to make an informed decision and read reviews from market experts to gain more insight into the complex workings of the forex and the auto-bots which claim to make you earn a lot of easy money.